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Your Skin Through the Ages

It’s no secret that as we grow older, one of the most visible signs of ageing is often the condition of our skin. Yet, when it comes to trying to slow that process, we often focus more on trying to cover up or reverse the ageing that has already occurred, instead of trying to stop it happening in the first place.

We’re not going to look young forever, that’s just a fact of life, but it will always be important to look after our skin with good skincare and treatments.

preteens & teenagers skin

Many teenagers have no idea that the activities they are engaging in are damaging their skin. That is why it is essential for teenagers to learn about what they can do now to keep their skin looking its best. Teenagers who care for their skin today will be adults who have skin that everyone else envies.

As a teenager, you are blessed with unbelievably resilient and healthy skin. For this reason, most teenagers don’t need strong products to keep their skin looking good. Acne and other skin problems often start at a young age and can lead to adverse effects on self-confidence. Acne treatments and regular facials are recommended as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary scarring, while they may also reduce the need for harsh medications down the line.



preteens & teens


skin in your twenties

Women and Men should begin being proactive about anti-aging in their 20s. Whether you want to ensure wrinkle-free skin is in the future or you simply want to maintain its long-term health, implementing these tips into your skincare regimen now is crucial.

Believe it or not, visible signs of aging can begin in your early-to-mid 20s. By 25, collagen levels begin to reduce, cell renewal slows, and fat decreases from the eye contour. When left untreated, this will lead to the development of crow’s feet, frown lines, and eye bags – making your twenties all about prevention! At this stage, it’s all about using active skincare and treatments to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, while remembering to always use sunscreen!



skin in your thirties

It's definitely time to take your skin seriously! This is when we start to see signs of environmental and genetic ageing. Fine lines, uneven pigment, and some volume loss, caused by the gradual diminishment of supportive tissue in the face.

In your thirties, as elastin and collagen continue to break down, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. You might notice a thinning of the skin around your eyes, forehead lines, slight sagging of the brow, or stretch marks around your body. Don't neglect the neck or chest as they age as well. This is a great time to invest in a tailored and targeted skin treatment plan to help maintain your youthful skin.





skin in your forties

Skin becomes dull-looking, uneven, and wrinkles are more predominant. This is mostly due to something called perimenopause (or the years leading up to menopause), during which your estrogen levels begin to decrease and skin becomes thin and loses its elasticity.

In your forties, deeper lines become more visible around the mouth, eyes and forehead. You might notice dark circles around your eyes. Now is the time to focus on treatments that generate collagen, so that when the time comes that your body can no longer produce it, you will have plenty in reserve.



skin in your fifties

The sun damage you got away with in your earlier years comes in the form of age spots and wrinkles. Collagen production is dipping. This reduces elasticity and causes wrinkles. Jowls sag and large pores appear. Changing hormone and pH levels further weaken the skin, compromising its moisture barrier, especially around the eyes, lips and neck.

By forty, your skin loses the ability to replenish collagen, while overall collagen production slows. Menopause or hormonal changes increase glycation, which also leads to the breakdown of natural collagen support causing sagging skin, thinning lips, fine lines, or age spots. We can help you come up with a rejuvenation plan to reduce the classic signs of ageing.




sixties & beyond

skin in your sixties & beyond

Skin is more fragile, and may have an increasing number of age spots. The fine lines and wrinkles that started appearing in your 50s are becoming more dramatic, especially if you smoked or sunned significantly in your younger years. However, there is a lot you can do to make your skin look and feel youthful. To improve the way your skin feels and looks you need to follow the right skin care regime.

In general, people in their sixties, and beyond, finally have more time to spoil themselves and feel fabulous! Look as young as you feel with skin rejuvenation treatments and collagen induction treatments.



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